I work hard on GoADF, and want to make sure that everyone is happy with buying my products. For this reason, all of my applications for Amiga are distributed via the Shareware system. That means that you can download the GoADF for free, and try it out to see if you like it. If you enjoy it, you’ll be asked to ‘register’ your copy by paying the registration fee.

Why should I register a GoADF?

By registering, you support the continued development of the program.
If you choose to register, you'll receive an email with the your personal key, as soon as possible after the registration fee is received - usually within max. 2 days.
With the registration there will be no "Unregistered" notices on printouts and other places.
Your personal key will be active for all future releases.

How to register GoADF!

Registration is handled through PayPal, and you can register quickly and easily online, with many different ways to pay. Use the buttons below to register.

There is no functional differences between standard and extended support,
extended support is only more money for me,
I try to support all users as well as I can :) 

Thanks for your support!

If you decide to buy a program, you accept the terms of the RODO.