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Version Date File size Link
1.2.1 build 1730 (latest) 2019-07-3195 426 bytesGoADF2019_b1730.lha
1.1 build 1369 2019-05-0985 057 bytesGoADF2019_b1369.lha
1.0 build 1303 2019-04-2982 793 bytesGoADF2019_b1303.lha

GoADF! 1.2.1 build 1730 (31.07.2019) released.

New features:

  • new module to create ADF files "Disk to ADF"
  • new option to verify disk writing
  • new options to configure screen (remove tooltypes from v1.1) and fonts
  • new option to configure work directories
  • new button "Refresh dir" in main window
  • new window for dates view (from reqtools to gadtools window)
  • add support for the tool field in project icons of ADF files

Bug fixes:

  • bug in write ADF routine fixed

GoADF! 1.1 build 1369 (08.05.2019) released.

New features:

  • running on the Workbench screen enabled, configuring by new tooltypes:
    • WB_SCREEN=(TRUE|FALSE) - if TRUE, the GoADF! will be opened on the Workbench screen, default FALSE
    • WB_WIN_WIDTH=xxx - if the WB_SCREEN tooltype is true, this param set width of the GoADF! windows, default 620
    • WB_WIN_HEIGHT=xxx - if the WB_SCREEN tooltype is true, this param set height of the GoADF! windows, default 400

GoADF! 1.0 build 1325 (04.05.2019) released.

Bug fixes:

  • allows mounting of ADF files with spaces in the name and path
  • fixed some linguistc errors

GoADF! 1.0 build 1303 (30.04.2019) released.

First public released